Kevin Carnes

Luncheon Speaker March 4th

Kevin Carnes, President of Lakeshore Learning Materials, has been with Lakeshore for over 35 years, beginning in
Northern California when Lakeshore was strictly a regional, California-based company.

Kevin has been actively involved in helping Lakeshore expand nationwide, and in promoting the company’s unique
brand to educators around the world. From what was once a small school supply company, Lakeshore now has over
60 stores, 90 sales reps, and2000 employees, nationwide. Lakeshore can proudly saythat they are now the largest
retail operation in the Educational Materials and School Supply Business.

Prior to joining Lakeshore, Kevin was a VISTA volunteer in Omaha, Nebraska engaged with early education programs
in the community. Through this experience, Kevin discovered the true value of quality early childhood education.
This appreciation for early education has guided him ever since.

Kevin has also been a featured workshop presenter at the National Association for the Education of Young Children
for 15 years, as well as a keynote speaker for various state, national and international conferences around the
country, including:

•California AEYC
•Wisconsin AEYC
•Illinois AEYC
•Hillsborough Co Office of Education
•NAEYC Leadership Conference
•Ohio AEYC
•World Forum on Early Care & Education
•Southern Early Childhood Association
•American International Military Schools
In addition to many other duties, Kevin serves or has served on numerous boards and committees including:
•Founding member, WorldForum and Quality Early Education Foundation
•Founding board member, Association for Work Life Benefits
•Member, NAEYC National Membership Committee
•Member, NAEYC Vendor Advisory Committee
•Member, Los Angeles Universal Preschool Advisory Board
•Founding Board Member, Californians for the Support of Early Education
•Board Member and sponsor, LA’s BEST After School Enrichment
Not only is Kevin concerned about the health and viability of quality early childhood programs, he has been a catalyst
for Lakeshore to provide better service to educators at large. Kevin has been influential in enhancing Lakeshore’s
ability to effectively market to the educational community, thus providing better service and quality products to
Lakeshore’s customers.

In recent years, Kevin has taken a front seat in demonstrating the importance of technology in the early childhood
and elementary classroom, especially from a company that takes great pride in their ‘hands on’ approach to
learning. His passion for bringing technology to teachers, administrators, and students to further educational goals
and bridge achievement gaps is contagious. Kevin has spoken to numerous programs nationwide regarding the value
of social media tools. These “new” media help staff, parents and communities to better communicate and advocate
for quality programs around the country.

In 2008, Kevin was instrumental in bringing Kids &Company, Lakeshore’s onsite preschool for employees’ children,
into the outdoor classroom movement. And in 2009, Kids & Company was named one of 65 certified Nature Explore
classrooms by of the Arbor Day and Dimensions Foundation. In recognition ofKevin’s commitment, Lakeshore
received the 2013 Rachel Carson Award from the Arbor Day Foundation for “exemplary leadership and efforts” in
nurturing young children’s sense of wonder about the natural world.