Together we can make a difference

As Tennessee nonprofit dedicated to supporting the transformational work of Head Start, the Tennessee Head Start Association is proud to make sure that policy makers and funders at all levels hear the voices and understand the stories of staff, teachers, parents and alumni. THSA is a compassionate, strategic leader through all the challenges and uncertainties that accompany continual change both the Head Start field and early learning community in general are experiencing.

THSA’s Impact

THSA’s work with and on behalf of the Head Start field has been far-reaching and varied since our foundation. THSA worked tirelessly with Congress to ensure that all of Head Start’s funds were restored.

In addition to our direct advocacy on Capitol Hill, THSA engages Head Start alumni, parents, and champions across the state. We publish timely newsletters and distribute articles, interviews and social media campaigns to help THSA agencies and programs achieve their goals.

THSA hosts directors meetings and and Annual Spring Conference with valuable resources to increase the effectiveness of individual programs and the professional development of their staff members.

We hope you’ll join us in advocating for the at-risk children in our state and in your community.


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