The Impact of Toxic Stress on Brain Part 1

The Impact of Toxic Stress on Brain Part 2

Understanding and Preventing Challenging Behavior

Development Through Intentional Play

Some people are born to be educators—and there is no doubt that Jessica Peters is one of those people. With over 20 years of experience in early childhood, Jessica’s passion is to improve practices that impact teachers, administrators, and most of all, children and their families. This passion has fueled Jessica’s involvement  on research projects focused on self-regulation development and the effectiveness of the on-site coaching she has provided to numerous teachers.

Jessica leads participants through professional development opportunities that model fundamental best practices—such as promoting hands-on practice, initiating high levels of child engagement and making outcome-driven, evidence-based choices in the classroom. Throughout, she highlights those skills that translate professional development concepts into concrete practices.

Dedicated to ensuring that children have a strong foundation for lifelong successful learning and development, Jessica has both a B.A. and an M.A. in Education and is certified in CLASS (PK/Toddler/Infant). Jessica draws on her experience in Special Education, teaching, coaching and leadership when reminding teachers of the impact they have on children. From early childhood through elementary, Jessica’s expertise in facilitating change in the classroom has proven highly effective all across the country.